Niall McLeod

Respected Doctor Turned Drifter


Birth UPP: 4777C8
Originating Faction: Independent
Final UPP: 4777FA (Age: 42)
Skills: Admin/0, Advocate/1, Athletics (Endurance)/1, Diplomat/0, Drive/0, Electronics (Computers)/1, Engineer (Life Support)/1, Flyer/0, Gun Combat/0, Investigate/1, Language/0, Leadership/1, Medic/4, Science (Biology)/1, Science (Cybernetics)/1, Science (Psychology)/1, Science (Xenology)/1, Streetwise/0, Survival/0, Vacc Suit/0

T1: University; Recognition of initiative, +1 SOC; graduated +3 EDU
T2: Scholar (Physician); gained a rival (alien thief)
T3: Scholar (Physician); rejected opportunity to cheat
T4: Scholar (Physician); win prestigious prize
T5: Scholar (Physician); recruited to work on secret project; mustered out +1 SOC
T6: Drifter (Scavenger); Mishap leading to injury
Mustering Out Benefits: 50% of Lab ship (Cr50,000/year), 2 ship shares (Cr2000/year)


Born in the Belt, Niall seemed destined for greatness. At university, he was recognized for his initiative and talents, and he quickly joined the MV Anastasis, a mobile space hospital. Formerly named the Xuan Wu, a massive leisure transport, the ship was purchased at scrap value in 2400 and refurbished to operate as a self-contained hospital ship. Niall’s efforts eventually led to him purchasing a controlling share of the MV Anastasis from the retiring head surgeon.

Things went awry in 2407 when Dr. McLeod was recruited by [CLASSIFIED] for a secret research project. For three years, he was sequestered somewhere and afterwards, he did not return to the Anastasis, but instead abandoned everything and walked away. What he saw haunts him to this day…

Niall McLeod

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