Illya 'Ilik' Carhart

Psion, Ex-House Intelligence Agent


Birth UPP: 6B7A78A
Originating Faction: Twelve Families
Final UPP: 6B7A78A (Age: 34)
Skills: Athletics (Dex)/1, Awareness/0, Broker/0, Carouse/0, Clairvoyance/0, Deception/1, Drive/0, Electronics/0, Flyer/0, Gambler/1, Combat (Slug)/1, Investigate/1, Mechanic/0, Persuade/1, Pilot (Small Craft)/1, Profession/0, Recon/0, Science (Psionicology)/1, Stealth/1, Streetwise/1, Telepathy/1, Vacc Suit/0

T1: Psionic Community (Worker); made friends for life, graduated and left community gaining a rival in doing so.
T2: Agent (Intelligence): Went above and beyond call of duty. Promoted to rank 1.
T3: Agent (Intelligence): Given specialist vehicle training. Promoted to rank 2.
T4: Agent (Intelligence): Offered a deal and refused. Minor Injury, and gained Enemy.

Relations: 2 allies (Psions from the community: Amelia Rosterova, Valik Potchenko), 1 Rival (Psion from the community, Dimitri Motrigan), and an Enemy (now deceased).

Updated (Season 2) – Post Time Skip

UPP: 6B7A78A (Age: 39)
Skills: Athletics (Dex)/1, Awareness/0, Broker/0, Carouse/0, Clairvoyance/0, Deception/1, Drive/0, Electronics/0, Flyer/0, Gambler/2, Combat (Slug)/1, Investigate/1, Mechanic/0, Melee (unarmed)/1, Persuade/1, Pilot (Small Craft)/1, Profession/0, Recon/0, Science (Psionicology)/1, Stealth/1, Streetwise/1, Telepathy/1, Vacc Suit/0


Ilik, the adopted child of Frenik and Anastasia Carhart, was raised within a close and secretive community of psions. He knows nothing of his biological parents, having been told only that they are deceased. Like all in his community, he was tested for psionic potential, and in his case, found to possess the talent.

After his primary education was completed, he was accepted into the community’s psionic training program, The Chapter House. During his term he met and befriended other initiates within the Chapter House, Amelia Rosterov and Valik Potchenko. They were inseparable friends, and have maintained constant contact even today. While friendships were forged, his decision to reject further Adviser training brought the ire of one of the Chapter House’s enforcers (rival). He’s new life-long shadow, a Mr. Dimitri Motrigan became a constant reminder that the Chapter House didn’t take kindly to his leaving.

Upon graduating Ilik chose to go out on his own, having made some unexpected friendships throughout his college years. Choosing to join his friends on an enterprise that took him far from the community and the desires of the community’s leadership. He found himself working within House Alcluith initially as a courier-keeping his psionic abilities a closely guarded secret. However, he found his duties as a courier put him into positions where he encountered many mid- and low-level bosses of the various other Twelve Families. He would join in the carousing and gambling that occurred, and at times used his abilities (albeit against many of the tenets of the Community) to read the thoughts of those mid- and low-level bosses. He found that further providing this information gave his direct bosses and the House as a whole some advantages when dealing with the other Twelve Families. His biggest accomplishment was ferreting out a connection between a rival House and a pirating organization preying on House Alcluith’s investments (Connection – Baefre). He was quickly promoted from a simple courier/errand boy to a true intelligence gathering role.

His continued work as an intelligence agent continued to be successful, in part to his ability to put people at ease, but also his still secret psionic abilities. He found himself acting in many roles that put him in contact with many from the various Families. On one particular mission, he was to personally deliver sensitive information to one of the Family’s distant allies, while official being designated as an advisor to one of the House’s diplomats. The long trip with the scout service put him in contact with Anya Kingston (Contact – Anya), the ship’s co-pilot. They became fast friends, trading various stories throughout the trip. Anya even taught Ilik how to pilot the ship’s boat. The mission ended in success, Ilik both delivering the sensitive information without incident, and assisting his House’s diplomat during the negotiations. Once again, his actions saw him move forward within his House, even garnering some attention from the Lady Alcluith herself. However this attention also put him in direct contact with Lady Alcluith’s Advisor, Madam Ilyara who frankly scared him, both because she was a very competent psion herself (and he blip), but also because of a, for lack of a better term, feeling he got whenever he was around her. He continued to serve loyally within House Alcluith enjoying the rank and its privilege. However, everything took a dark and dangerous turn during one of his missions.

While playing an arranged card game Ilik found himself at the table with one of Lady Alcluith’s trusted Lieutenants, Gareth Potchenkin. Potchenkin was in charge of many of Lady Alcluith’s many legally ambiguous enterprises, and had one of the House’s most loyal crews. Potchenkin brought Ilik into his circle, as he had heard how successful Ilik was at gathering usable intelligence, Ilik agreed to assist. During the mission Ilik learned a dark secret, Potchenkin was not as loyal as he seemed. Potchenkin sensing that Ilik learned more than he should have offered Ilik a chance to join him in his enterprise. Ilik refused, and turned in Potchenkin. This forced Potchenkin (Enemy) to flee the House and Lady Alcluith’s wrath. Ilik thought that would have been the end of it, but he was later targeted by some within the House that had been, and were likely still, loyal to Potchenkin. The attempt on his life failed, but just barely. Lady Alcluith, having been impressed by both Ilik’s loyalty and determining there might be others that would wish Ilik harm, secretly suggested that Ilik take an indefinite leave of absence while she cleaned house. Ilik accepted Lady Alcluith’s proposal, and left the House’s service.

Ilik has now found himself working as a small ship pilot with the Lothrian Free Company, reuniting with his friend Anya.


Ally 1: Amelia Rosterova (Unusually beautiful) (Aff: 4, En: 0) (Pwr: 6, Inf: 4) – This individual is found or reported dead. This may or may not be the whole story…

Ally 2: Valik Potchenko (Has secret allies) (Aff: 5, En: 1) (Pwr: 5, Inf: 2) – Relations between the Traveller and this individual went particularly sour. Increase Enmity +1 and decrease Affinity by -1 if it is 1 or greater.

Rival: Dimitri Motrigan (Has useful contacts) (Aff: 4, En: 4) (Pwr: 6, Inf: 6) – This individual is a member of an organisation which holds a generally opposite view of the Traveller. Thus an Ally is a member of an organisation which opposes the Traveller’s agenda.

Enemy: Gareth Potchenkin (Looking for something) (Aff: 0, En: 3) (Pwr: 2, Inf: 6) – Roll three more special characteristics:

  • This individual is out of contact doing something interesting but not suspicious. Their reappearance may bring about an unexpected opportunity.
  • This individual loses some of their power base. Reduce Power by -1
  • This individual fell on hard times. Reduce Power by -1

Illya 'Ilik' Carhart

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