Anya Kingston


Birth UPP: 68AB9A
Originating Faction: House Asquith-Orlov
Final UPP: 68AD9B (Age: 34)
Skills: Astrogation/0, Athletics (Dex)/1, Carouse/0, Electronics (Remote Ops)/1, Engineering (M-drive)/1, Flyer/0, Gun Combat (slug)/1, Jack-of-All-Trades/1, Language/0, Mechanic/0, Persuade/1, Pilot (Spacecraft)/2, Science (Astronomy)/1, Science (History)/0, Survival/0, Vacc Suit/1
Traits: Fast/2, Skinny/1

T1: Failed to enter university. Entered Scout(Courier); Save diplomat needing to be rescued; not promoted.
T2: Scout(Courier); met with aliens and was severely injured; failed to be promoted.
T3: Scout(Courier); diplomatic courier; promoted to Rank 1
T4: Scout(Courier); Mishap ending career: found on outskirts of space with no memory … and a subduralcomp.
Mustering Out Benefits: $67,500, 1 subduralcomp, 1 neural jack

Update Post Season 1

UPP: 68AD9B (Age: 34)
Skills: Astrogation/0, Athletics (Dex)/1, Carouse/0, Electronics (Remote Ops)/1, Electronics (sensors)/1, Engineer (M-drive)/1, Flyer/0, Gun Combat (slug)/1, Jack-of-All-Trades/1, Language/0, Mechanic/0, Persuade/1, Pilot (Spacecraft)/2, Science (Astronomy)/1, Science (History)/0, Survival/0, Vacc Suit/1
Traits: Fast/2, Skinny/1
Cybertech: subdermalcomp, neural comm (TL14)

Updated (Season 2) – Post Time Skip

UPP: 68AD9B (Age: 39)
Skills: Astrogation/0, Athletics (Dex)/1, Carouse/0, Electronics (Remote Ops)/1, Electronics (sensors)/1, Engineer(M-Drive)/1, Gun Combat (slug)/1, Flyer/0, Investigate/0, Jack-of-All-Trades/1, Language/0, Mechanic/0, Persuade/1, Pilot (Spacecraft)/2, Science (Astronomy)/1, Science (History)/0, Survival/1, Vacc Suit/1
Cybertech: subdermalcomp, neural comm (TL14), cockpit sensory suit (TL9)


When she was a child, Anya always loved the stars. Space was vast and contained stories and secrets that were just as vast and complex. It seemed like she could never keep her feet on the ground and so when she came of age, she would travel with her father to places that she only dreamed of. Pretty soon she wanted to be the master of her own ship, so to say, and decided she would learn to fly. The new found freedom and teenage rebelliousness lead her to participate in single person starcraft racing (known as Star Skipping) much to her father’s chagrin.

Anya knew that the earth beneath her feet wasn’t for her, and so she jumped at the opportunity to join as a scout, knowing full well her profession would take her to new places teeming with adventure. She joined up as a recruit for a small, yet efficiently ran free-lance independent courier service, Valiant Courier, Inc., known for its ability to deliver results with minimal questions to both its employees and patrons alike. There, her cultivated people skills and skill as a pilot made her an ideal candidate for her to work with ambassadors and emissaries on their diplomatic mission. Anya was performing her duties well and was being groomed for a promotion. All of that unfortunately changed, when she disobeyed a direct order, and instead executed a high risk mission in order to save an ambassador whose ship had recently been attacked by pirates. Even though she was successful, much to the ambassador’s delight and eternal gratitude, her promotion was taken off the table.

In the years to follow, Anya found herself escorting another diplomat in making contact with the Tohre-Chi, who had been raiding into Moros. During the proceedings, one of the Tohre-Chi inexplicably presented to her a black orb with a polish so fine it seemed to have a silver mirror like surface. At the alien’s urging she took the orb and immediately the pain that overwhelmed her was indescribable. She vomited and passed out only wake up in a medical ward three days later. She later found out that the Tohre-Chi took this poorly and the diplomatic gathering ended in bloodshed once it was apparent that Anya was severely injured. If it wasn’t for the efforts of Rostya Glukhovsky pulling her out, she would have surely been left for dead. It took many months for Anya to return to duty, but it was clear she was never quite the same after that day. During her period of convalescence, Anya contacted Rostya in order to thank him for the rescue and after a time, the two seemed to develop a rapport and the beginnings of an unusual friendship.

Since returning to active duty, Anya did her best to keep her nose clean. She felt like she was stagnating in her career and so she wanted to take on extra duties in order to go the extra mile. One duty was a tedious courier mission involving transportation a delegate and her entourage in which they were stuck orbiting an asteroid for three days due to a worker’s strike. Anya did her best to keep things entertaining and flowing smoothly during a time that was equal parts boredom and high stress. During that time she met Ilik Carhart, and took an immediate liking to him. She taught him some basic piloting in order to pass the time. Once they were able to make port, the delegate sent a letter of commendation, and Anya was promoted within the month.

Anya felt that things were moving in a positive direction, over the years she became an accomplished pilot and was promoted twice in quick succession for her high success rate as a courier for the diplomats. Much to her dismay, she found herself again in a medical ward with no memory of what happened to her. Again, she was unconscious for three days. She was told that she was found free floating on the edges of friendly space, with almost zero life support, and no power to her ship. She was expected to make a full recovery, but they did have some questions about her subdural computer at the base of her skull, as it didn’t appear to be operative. Anya thought it best that she kept her mouth shut about the tiny detail that she didn’t have a subdural computer three days ago. Now she is stuck with a mystery computer in her head and many, many more questions than answers.

Revealed to actually be Anastasia Olena Monroe Talbot. And she cleaned up nicely as well.


Anya Kingston

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