Alexei Romanizov


Originating Faction: SpaceFarer’s Collective
Final UPP: 449A9B (Age: 46)
Skills: Admin/1, Athletics/0, Broker/1, Drive/0, Electronics (comms)/1, Electronics (computers)/1, Electronics (sensors)/1, Engineer (life support)/1, Engineer (m-drive)/1, Engineer (power)/1, Flyer (grav)/2, Gun Combat (slug)/1, Gunner/0, Investigate/0, Leadership/1, Mechanic/2, Medic/0, Melee (blade)/2, Persuade/1, Pilot (small craft)/1, Recon/1, Streetwise/1, Survival/0, Tactics (naval)/2, Vacc Suit/1

T1: Failed to enter Naval Academy. Rejected by Navy. Entered draft. Agent (LEO). “A Job well done.”
T2: Entered Naval Academy. Graduated; entered Navy as Ensign (Rank 1)
T3: Navy(Engineering). Diplomatic Mission. Promoted to Sublieutenant
T4: Navy(Engineering). Military Engagement. Promoted to Lieutenant.
T5: Navy(Engineering). Military Engagement. Promoted to Commander.
T6: Navy(Engineering). Friendly Commander. Promoted to Captain. Mustered out.
T7: Merchant(Broker). Embroiled in Legal trouble.


Alexei was killed at the Tarkwall Gulag on Lubyanka somewhere between 2405 and 2410. He was shanked to death by a fellow inmate.

Alexei Romanizov

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