Campaign of the Month: July 2020

The Verge

Player Character: Alexei Romanizov

This is Andricus’ PC based on character generation.


Some immediate notes:

  • Ignore planet of origin. That’s just a stand-in.
  • Ageing really messed him up.
  • He chose SpaceFarer’s Collective as his originating faction, which bumps his EDU to 9. That faction provides +1 background skills. This means he has two additional 0-level skills and he’s opted for Medic and Survival.
  • As the TAS does not exist, we went with the cash equiv on that roll, so he’s got 20,000 more than is listed on the sheet.
  • He does not have access to the free trader; its out there … somewhere. So he gets Cr1000/year as a pension because of it.
  • The pinnace might come back and bite me in the ass later, but at the moment, we’re presuming he doesn’t have access to it due to his last career ending because he’s “embroiled in legal trouble.”
  • We haven’t “connected” him to the other PCs yet; Alexei’s terms 3 and 4 logically could link him to Sir Korbin, but anyone else is going to take a bit more stretching.
  • We’re not entirely sure how this is going to work as he’s going to be playing remotely via Fantasy Grounds and whatever we figure out for sound, while everyone else is at the table, but the place we game has a nifty big-ass television/monitor where I’m going to stream to FG so everyone can see the same thing he does.


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