The year is 2410.

For five years, a fierce civil war has wracked the isolated pariah star system, Moros. A fragile cease-fire has been in place for the last six months, but no one believes it will last for much longer.

On the central planet, Elpis, the ailing duke’s children wage a silent war of assassins to determine which of them will succeed him as head of House Asquith-Orlov.

Desperate to avoid an impending recession, the SpaceFarer’s Collective has ramped up military spending in order to defend their holdings.

Briefly united and aligned with the ducal house, the Twelve Families have once more collapsed into bitter in-fighting and low-intensity skirmishes that threaten to spill out into the greater system.

Demoralized, defunded and depleted of personnel, the neutral Peace-Keeping Force intended to keep the system from plunging into chaos now faces a decision that could further upset the delicate balance: do they abandon their mission or, worse, pick a side?

Across the wartorn system, independent crews struggle against impossible odds to make ends meet.

And to survive.

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